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Deluxe Tropical Pattern Bingo Bag
NEW pattern! A sunny tropical pattern with bright flowers. 10 pockets for your dabbers, small purse for chips or change, loads of room inside for all your Bingo goodies. Select the color of the material of the rest of the bag from the drop-down box below. This is a DELUXE Bingo Bag made in the USA with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. These are the originals that started it all. DO NOT be fooled by cheap imitations!!! Pattern may differ from photo. Dauber not included.

This bingo bag measures 12.5" high by 22" around. Each bingo bag has a cloth drawstring for easy closure. Pockets are 5.5" deep for daubers, knick-knacks, and more. This bingo bag is made with washable fabric with washing instructions included to ensure it lasts and looks great for a very long time.

This bingo bag looks like a purse but it holds all of the stampers to play bingo with (variety of colors). A Bingo Bag is the perfect gift for any Bingo lover. Your special someone will love this quality printed Bingo Bag.
Colors may vary from picture.

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